I have always been interested in and fascinated by precious, semi-precious gems and stones.  It amazes how you can take an old rough looking stone and polish it and have some of the most  beautiful and vivid colors in the world.

I started buying finished gems and stones from all over the world about fifty years ago and then have then mounted into rings for family members.

Buying finished gems and stones can be very expensive so several years ago. I started buying gems and stones in the rough from all over the world and also mining some stones and then finishing them out myself for jewelry.

I started designing jewelry, mostly rings about 15 years ago.  I would then have a jeweler make the ring and mount one of my stones in it.

I wanted to share all the beauty in a finished stone with everyone not just my family and the best way I thought I could do that was by making jewelry from stones that come from all over the world.

To make the beauty of all these stones available to everyone I would need to sell them at an affordable price and to do that I would need to keep the production cost down so I elected to use gold and 925 silver filled chains and plated wire in my wrappings.  I  do 18 k gold and sterling silver on special orders only.