Whether from the kitchen, or from the studio, all of Linnie Branton’s creations are Made With Love.

Linnie’s Home Made

Jams, Jellies, Breads and other delights pour from Linnie’s kitchen. Her artistic gifts take hold as she creates unique blends from natural ingredients. Her jellies and jams are made with pure cane sugar, fruits and juices grown as close to home as she can find them and natural fruit pectin; many ingredients come from her own yards and gardens. The incomparable treats that come from her oven are made from Organic Non GMO Whole Grains, Organic Sugars, Organic Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, Organic Milk and Local Free Range Eggs. Some of her specialty flavors of jellies and jams include; Mesquite Bean, Rose Petal, Honey Suckle, Jalapeno, Sangria Wine, Sweet Red Wine, Prickly Pear and fruits that are in season. Her most requested bread is Cinnamon Loaf and she has recently added yeast breads. When you visit her booth samples are available.

Studio 816

To use the word eclectic to describe creations from Linnie’s Studio 816 is an understatement. Abstract in appearance her Praise Art Paintings draw the viewer into them as each one sees and interprets a message of the heart. But painting is not the only creation that comes from Studio 816. Linnie’s one-of-a-kind jewelry is an art as well. Add to that other creations such as embellished hats and caps. Offerings from Studio 816 change with the season and the wind, so you must visit this booth each month.